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Rayburn signs a book deal with HOSC

Kacey Rayburn Joins House of Soul Cakes

House of Soul Cakes would like to welcome the talented writer, Kacey Rayburn, to our creatively dark team!

“Rayburn's work is mysterious, dark, and ventures to the darkest nethers - but is also beautifully human!”
-JC Greening, House of Soul Cakes

Kacey Rayburn Bio

Kacey Rayburn grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. Born into a family of granny witches and gravediggers, she enjoys long walks in the cemetery. She has a sweet fang for chai tea, mermaids, and folk horror. Sing Our Bones Eternal will be her debut novel. Her short fiction has also appeared in The Theatre Phantasmagoria, Trembling With Fear, Myth & Lore Zine, and Grim & Gilded.

You can find out more about Kacey Rayburn at:

And expect her debut novel, Sing Our Bones Eternal, to be unveiled later this year!

We bid you welcome, Ms. Rayburn - it is an honor to have you among our House.

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